You Will Never Sleep With Wet Hair Again After You Read This

Laying down with wet hair isn’t innocuous as a large portion of you accept. In spite of the fact that there is no logical proof that this propensity triggers colds, we give you 3 motivations to dry your hair before hitting the sack.

1. Cerebral pain

Your internal heat level increments in the REM stage. The body heats up and the dampness on your head enveloped by a towel can cause serious migraine.

2. Contaminations

Pads are perfect for microscopic organisms development since they absorb sweat, dead cells and skin oils. Wet hair saturates your pad, and in this way makes an ideal soil for diseases.

3. Delicate hair inclined to parting

Your hair splits effectively, and the issue deteriorates when it is wet. Hitting the hay with dousing wet hair is unquestionably awful to both your look and wellbeing.

source: healthyfoodhouse


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